*****Original Message***** by Matthew Frazier

The Book


Matthew Frazier’s daring new voice touches ground in this rhapsodic, first collection of poetry. Frazier pulls at the textures of everyday experience with humor, grace, and the exactitude of a physicist. Each poem expresses the breadth and longing of life, in a world where meaning and chance gnaw at our preconceptions. *****Original Message***** is the best of modern verse, and Matthew Frazier, a poet of dimensions.


The Poet


Matthew Frazier wrote his first poem while doing the dishes in 1993.  He studied with Joyce Garvin and with Marvin Bell at the University of Iowa Writer’s workshop. His poetry and reviews of it have been published in The East Hampton Star, Slice, The Brooklyn Rail, and KGB Bar Literary Magazine. Frazier lives in New Paltz, NY with his wife Kimberly, a Puli, two cats and two birds. He takes frequent trips to the office in Jersey City, NJ.

The Praise


“From the point of view of a bat / the world’s a radio broadcast”—so, appropriately, begins Matthew Frazier’s energetic, uplifting premiere collection. Attuned to the unexpected sonic possibilities of the digital communications age, *****Original Message***** discovers poetry not only in the hyperbolic utterances of fantasy football and weather broadcasters, but also in the poet’s kaleidoscopic but tender view of a country where “Franchises catacomb the landscape.” And what pleasing composites he makes from his findings: as erotic ardor combines with references to cinematic gems like Annie Hall and Election, so do flashes of the natural world and the night sky synthesize with echoes of popular music. Frazier’s own idiosyncratic voice—a voice that thrives on insistent, playful reversals—reminds us of the subtle, necessarily subversive power of lyric poetry.
—Michael Tyrell, poet of The Wanted


Matthew Frazier asks us to suspend our ordinary view of reality as he takes us to a world where dimensions shift and fly at warp speed, becoming a Star Trek of metaphors that defy logic, and provoke questions just outside the realm of conventional thought.
—Rosalind Brenner, poet of Omega’s Garden