Constellations by Esther Mathieu

The Book


Hunt & Light is pleased to announce  a devastatingly beautiful debut from Esther Mathieu, one of America's best young poets. With a voice that celebrates the reader as much as the form, Constellations stands in the street and sings to the stars. Esther Mathieu captures the gravity of expansive moments and charts a definitive course through infinite arrangements.


The Poet


Esther Mathieu was born in Manhattan and grew up in Queens. She currently attends Colby College in Maine where she studies Environmental Planning, Media, and Design. Her poetry has appeared in Troubadour, The Cambridge Tradition, and Young Poets Speak Out. This is her first collection.

The Praise


“Esther Mathieu has created small but intricate worlds within each poem that, when connected, become patterns of truth.”

–Portland Press Herald


“Constellations uses subtle beauty to haunt and surprise its readers. It is a collection on the whispers of the sky before rain and of the night before dawn. Esther Mathieu says “I want to have hands/ that smell like bread dough and ink from all the things I’ve made” – and she succeeds. The poems come in whiffs of beauty, eloquence and sanctity of the everyday. 

-Iva Ticic, author of Alice in Greenpoint


“Reading it, you get the sense that the author has watched the city and sky very closely and splayed it out all over the page. You get the sense that everything she writes about is immensely important and loud and quiet all at once; there is an element of observation in the text that really stands out. There is no hesitance, no hold-back. Just whole explosions. Each poem is a looking glass of a looking glass, and you find yourself saturated in her passionate views of the world.”

 –Luna Luna Magazine