Hunt & Light


The vision for Hunt & Light comes from a love of books with imagination and beauty. We crave the art of words, and desire to publish poetry with simplicity and style. Our poets are original, inventive, and more than anything, have a passion for life. Language is an ancient tool that is still a powerful medium; a means of understanding who we are as people. The mission of Hunt & Light is to share the voices of new poets, and inspire with possibility.



Our colophon is a mythical fox with wings. Foxy was born from a collaboration between the author Simon Van Booy and the designer Jesse Elliott. It symbolizes the spirit of the hunt; one who pursues and is pursued by mortal passion. By the grace of poetry, Foxy grows light enough to fly.

Our Legacy


Hunt & Light values participation in the community, and hosts readings for local schools and organizations. It is our belief that poetry is essential to culture, an essential voice in democratic society. Part of our mission is to help people relate to poetry in a way that might be meaningful and beneficial to their lives. In that spirit, we host events specifically for those who may not normally have the chance to appreciate the art, and are open to collaborate with like minded groups.

Our Printer


We work with Radix Media to make our books. Radix is a worker-owned and operated union print shop based in Brooklyn, NY. Their name comes from the Latin root of the word radical which means to get to the root. Our books are made by offset printing, and perfect bound with two fold-out leaves on the cover, aka French flaps. Radix uses vegetable-based inks and solvents, alcohol-free dampening systems on their offset presses, and paper produced under carbon neutral conditions, deriving from at least 40% post consumer waste, that is also Rain Forest Alliance Certified.